The Clothing Center at Minnie's Maison

​About Us
In 1973, Monsignor Sebastian Menke was appointed Pastor to Sacred Heart Cathedral. Immediately, Monsignor was aware of the dire needs of the surrounding neighborhood, fostering the creation of the Clothing Center. By 1977, the Clothing Center had served over 12,000 people. It was the passion of volunteers who kept this operation functioning in very meager surroundings.

Over the years, our buildings and our management have changed but we've been and will continue to be connected to Sacred Heart Cathedral.

The connection to Sacred Heart Cathedral is evident in the make-up of our board of directors, officers, chairpersons, and volunteers. Our board is comprised of Sacred Heart Cathedral's Pastor, members of Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish, and members of the community at large. Our officers and committee chairs are a mix of Sacred Heart Cathedral members and at-large volunteers. Our volunteers come from throughout the QCA.
Please, consider volunteering with us. Our center has no paid positions. Every volunteer is treasured. Drop in volunteers are welcome, as are service organizations. Projects limited in scope pop up throughout the year and extra hands are always needed.

We have opportunities for those who want to serve on a regular basis. Volunteers meet at the Clothing Center on Tuesdays from 9am - Noon to sort clothes. The Clothing Center is open for customers on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10am - Noon. Volunteers begin arriving around 9:00am to set-up and leave by 12:30pm.

We understand that our volunteers may have need of our assistance, too. If you volunteer and need items for yourself or your immediate family, you can discuss this matter privately with a volunteer serving with you at the time.